I'm Backkkk!

First off, Happy 2016! Agh I'm soooo excited to be typing right now haha.  I've missed blogging so much! ~ What happe...

First off, Happy 2016! Agh I'm soooo excited to be typing right now haha. 
I've missed blogging so much!


What happened?
Well I started my brand and became self-employed in November '14 and since starting I just felt like I was putting blogging second and not giving it the time it needed and deserved. After continuously half-assing I decided to step away for what I thought was for good, I felt like maybe blogging brought me to where I needed to be and it was time to move on. Honestly ever since I've felt a huge void. When it came to my collection product shots and daily life, yeah I loved wearing cute clothes but I felt like it was for no reason at times, and after constantly taking blog pictures of my friends I got all upset and despressed :/ I just didn't feel like I was connecting with people anymore, I felt like I was just being what we describe as an "Instagram Girl" I felt like everything was for show and had no substance or point but to get "likes". After damn near deleting all social media I decided to dig deep into my lack of motivation and discovered all of this started when I put my blog second then ended up getting worse when I stopped blogging.

With all that said, I want you all to know that I have missed you dearly and am so glad to be back in such high spirits! Don't let anything distract you from what you love, and always,always, always make time to do what makes your heart happy, the rest will fall into place!


Update on life?
Welp, I'm still going strong with my brand She The Collection and have been getting into Pop-Up shops! I never knew how fun they could be, I hope to travel around the states this summer to some cool places! I'm still living in Downtown LA, but now I have three more roomates in addition to my cat (Henry). Who might these new roomies be? Roddie, Chase, and Roman. Roddie (1.5) & Chase (9 months) are two of the cutest full bread German Shepards and their dad, Roman is the boyfiend. Boyfriend you say? Yes! He's a pretty cool guy, and ironically has been my barber for three years, we've been dating for one year now. I became an auntie in March to the two most beautiful baby girls on earth, Ayla & Aliyah , and of course, I'm going to start them a blog this year! 

I'm exited for 2016 and aim to spend some time in New York and out of the country traveling, exploring, and expanding my company!

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