Black Breastfeeding Week

I absolutely LOVED seeing all of this black girl magic through out the week on social media. Black breastfeeding and awareness about it...

I absolutely LOVED seeing all of this black girl magic through out the week on social media. Black breastfeeding and awareness about it is something that I hold very near and dear to my heart. 

I never even considered breastfeeding, it never crossed my mind nor was it anything that I wanted to do. Growing up I was in what I call "the last batch of babies" so me and my cousins were the the youngest of the family for several years. I was also never around babies a lot and the rare occasion that I was, I always saw them drinking formula. Breastfeeding was so foreign to me, I never had any knowledge (or true respect) of it until my sister shared with me the sadness she felt when she wasn't able to produce enough  milk for them. To me (in my head) I was like "What's the big deal? Just give them formula". And she expressed to me how excited she was so do it and how much she looked forward to it, she didn't pressure me to nurse, but she told me that I should give it a try. That conversation changed my entire outlook and if it weren't for it, I probably never would have tried it.

Fast-forward to latching and milk...

Y'all know I have to be honest....latching was a b***h, it was painful and uncomfortable but I had nurses as well as a nursing consultant help me in the hospital. I feel like the nurse basically manhandled me but she showed me how to do it *shrugs* lol. I wasn't sure If I was doing it right or if she was getting enough milk. She ended up getting jaundice which made me have to nurse her more than usual so help push it out, this made my milk come RUSHING in, hello boobs, engorgement you suck! But I was able to store a bunch of pumped milk. Breastfeeding was so insane to me, it along with birth were such godly feelings. The female body is so damn amazing!

Weening ....

I nursed for 15-16 months, weening was surprisingly easy because G was eating solids and she self -soothed with her thumb. I started by cutting down how often she nursed, eventually we were down to first thing in the morning and right before bed. I cut out nights first, I would lay her down as if she were nursing but I would give her a pumped bottle. In the morning when I would hear her waking up I would make sure I have some sort of food or water to give her right away. 

Breastfeed without fear...

I highly encourage everyone to nurse, try it, it's worth a try whether it's for a month or a year, however long you want to go for. It's natural and healthy, it's nothing to apologize for or cover up to make other people comfortable. People see boobs and cleavage and never complain about it, but there's something about a woman nursing that makes people so damn uncomfortable. Perhaps, like me, they never saw that in their life, or they are just plain ole ignorant. You don't have to cover up, or go into the bathroom, or make your kid wait DON'T MAKE YOURSELF OR CHILD UNCOMFORTABLE TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE COMFORTABLE. Take pride in the magical milk that your body produces, it cures and protects your little one better than anything could.

Oh yeah...and I still have milk, I hear it can take up to a year or even more for your milk to "dry up"

Also, know that everyone isn't able to and that you should not feel discouraged if you can't. A fed baby is what's most important. 

G was 6 weeks old here 

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