Self Employment, The Big Leap

This past November marked one year of self employment for my online store and brand She The Collection! I always get a lot of quest...

This past November marked one year of self employment for my online store and brand She The Collection! I always get a lot of questions about how I got started, what kept me going, and how it gained success!

Let's start with how...
Long story short I lost my job, completely blindsided, it was like being hit by a bus and naturally my mind went to "How will I get by? Pay my rent & Bills?" I instantly started applying for jobs, interviewing the whole nine but I hated it, I felt like I had downgraded. Yes I got happy when I got an interview but I truthfully didn't even want the job, I just needed the money. I tried to think out of the box, what do I like doing? Blogging. Okay so how can I make a living off of it? Well everyone loves the clothes I make so maybe I could start to sell them. Cut, I could go on and elaborate more but you get the jest. 

Got the idea, now how to execute?
One thing I've always seen as a huge blessing was my group of friends in LA, everyone working so many different jobs and gigs. I mostly loved my self employed and artistic friends. So once I knew what I wanted to do I had to explore who I could trust to help my out, I looked to my designer friends and found an affordable clothing manufacture as well as a pattern maker. I live in Downtown LA, there's literally buildings full of sewers and manufacturing companies so luckily it didn't take too long. You typically start with a sample item of clothing, get it made, tweek the mistakes then once it's perfect, you start production!

Ca$h Flow
To get started, I calculated how much money I would need, not only for making the clothing but also to live off of until everything got off the ground. I then started a Fo Fund Me for $2,000, yes, I know it's not a lot but I just seeked exactly what I needed to get my feet off the ground, I just knew things would work out and everything else would fall into place. My goal was reached in about a month, the perfect amount of money and used correctly went a very long way.

Customer Base
When I started, I used every social media outlet as well as my blog to get the word out. my customers started as friends and family then soon grew to my blog readers, followers, and beyond!

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  1. I've always loved your style and your ambition is inspiring. Keep it up! <3

  2. Thank you for this post - its inspired me so much at the perfect time. I love what you do.
    Thx thx thx and congrats for you adorable little girl.

    Marella ;)