Update: 38 Weeks, 1 Day (Dress @axcentsco , Purse She The Collection , Shoes Adidas ) When you're pregnant you get asked and to...

Update: 38 Weeks, 1 Day (Dress @axcentsco, Purse She The Collection, Shoes Adidas)

When you're pregnant you get asked and told WAYYYY more than you should. I know to the person not carrying you may just be curious or blunt, and sometimes if you've already been there you feel the need to let the expecting mother know about your experience. I'm sure these things aren't meant to be interpreted out of context but a lot of times they are so I'm just gonna give you a heads up...
  1. You’re so big/small! Hey! You don’t need to state if someone is big or small, they are both equally offensive, unless you are our personal doctor then you do not need to comment on it. If We’re too big or too small our doctor will be the one to let us know, chances are we are a normal size for our body.
  2. “You’re waddling” Yeah so the little alien baby constantly growing and getting stronger inside of us? We get uncomfortable, and what do you naturally do when you’re uncomfortable? You do what makes you comfy! There’s a baby spreading our hips and pelvis, so yeah, that might make a lady waddle.
  3. “You look tired” Saying this basically gets translated into “Damn You look exhausted and the baby isn’t even here yet” Would you say that? Hopefully not so find a nice way to make sure she’s relaxed and/or getting enough rest.
  4. “Are you married?” UMM are you married? I’m going to keep this short and sweet, It’s 2016, marriage doesn’t always come first this days and divorce rates are extremely high and a child doesn’t mean marriage nor does it secure it so don’t ask anything about marriage unless we bring it up.
  5. Birthing options. It’s fine to ask about birthing options but don’t say anything negative. If she wants to do a natural birth don’t say “Oh you’re gonna be in so much pain” or if she wants an epidural don’t say “You that will mess you back up forever!” Just don’t! 
  6. Horror stories. Every BODY and experience is different through labor therefore do not share the horror stores that you endured while pregnant with a pregnant woman, ESPECIALLY if it is her first child. We’re already nervous enough about the unexpected. I know you don’t mean any harm but to inform but know that just because it happened to you doesn’t mean it will happen to us.
  7. Breastfeeding. Know that whether or not a mother decided to breastfeed isn’t always up to her! Not all woman are able to breast feed, whether it is their body or their lifestyle, it isn’t for anyone. A fed baby is what matters most.
  8. “You never do anything.” Don’t you EVER in yo lifeeee tell a pregnant woman she is being lazy or hasn’t done anything productive. We’re creating a living, breathing human and it’s literally exhausting sometimes! 
  9. “You’re not supposed to eat that” Would you tell a grown ass man not to eat or drink something? No so don’t say it to a woman or pregnant woman. We are well informed of what we should and should’t eat, sometimes we want an occasional soda or some smothered french fries and that’s fine! Some types of seafood are okay for us and it’s fine that we have it
  10. Changes in appearance. Our bodies change daily and we don’t always see the changes are beautiful so the only thing you need to say is something positive. “You’re glowing” “You look great” it literally makes us feel so much better.

Take note! You may not realize the things you are saying can be damaging! Just be positive, when it comes to this process, positivity is the only thing that should be transferred :)

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