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I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from you lovely ladies appreciating my honesty and thank you for talking to me! Your words mean ...

I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from you lovely ladies appreciating my honesty and thank you for talking to me! Your words mean more to me than you will ever know <3

So let’s talk about a feeling that we all have and if you don’t have a little one yet, you will most likely feel this at some point…and if you don’t it’s either because you take prescription meds or have a full time nanny lol (no judgement to either). I’m writing this on a Tuesday night as my boyfriend is at the bar probably laughing, drinking, and having a grand ole time. Would I like to be at the bar with friends? OH I’d LOVE to! But I  just got done making dinner, doing dishes, and laundry ya girl doesn’t even have wine at the house! Tragic! I’m the first out of my closest friends (in LA) to be a mom right now and while I love my daughter with all of my heart sometimes you just miss your freedom! You miss being able to get up and go only grabbing your wallet and keys on the way out the door. You miss going over a friends to eat shit and drink until you pass out and go home. It’s a real thing, you’ll miss your old life from time to time and it’s okay, it’s normal! 

Having me time and/or girls nights is harder for me because I don’t really  have much family out here (like the ultimate babysitters, the grandparents), however, I make it work! Whether it’s doing a bunch to increase my milk flow to pump extra so I can indulge in a bottle of wine or just asking a friend to come over and sit with Grae so I can go run errands. I made a promise to myself not to lose myself in motherhood, because it’s so easy to do without realizing. My friend Melanie came over one night and we drank wine and ate shrimp poboy’s lol, odd mix but it was great. Grae hung with us until she tapped out for the night. Same happened on New Year’s, Grae fell asleep around 10 so I laid her in my friends room, we were all checking on her through the night, and I had a great time. Mama's to be and current mama’s don’t give up the things that keep you sane or make you happy, just make it work. Don’t feel guilty on days that you don’t feel like 'adulting' or being a hands on mom, give yourself time off. We all need a break from everything at some point. Call a friend, family member, anyone who you trust (and isn’t scared of babies lol). If is still hasn't clocked for your guy/partner, hang in there, they'll be get soon. My cousin told me the realest thing ever, most guys are bored with babies, they want someone they can play ball with and/or tell them what's wrong when they cry. We mama's know, it comes naturally to us, it may take them a bit to get it ;)

Hang in there mama’s, all super hero’s need a break! And no matter who you are, mom, mom to be, not even think about kids, go hug someone, a real, genuine hug for 2-5 minutes. I learned how important hugs were when I was prego, it releases your stress and burdens. Hugs are awesome :)

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