To all my ladies in the place...

To all my ladies in the place with style and grace.......but also to those of us with a lil ratchet side, my tomboys, my mamas, wives,...

To all my ladies in the place with style and grace.......but also to those of us with a lil ratchet side, my tomboys, my mamas, wives, LGBTQ, free spirits, my Michelle Obama's, Cardi B's, Amber Rose's, Angela Davis', Beyonce's and Michelle's (no shade)

I’m working on events for all women, women of color, mamas, single mamas, influencers, bloggers, my working girls, my girls who need some inspiration, love, self love, good friends, good FOOD, good DRINKS, laughs, love, and fun. Some of the events will require tickets to be purchased but a majority will be free or a potluck situation. I’m not aiming to get rich off of this, I just want to bring US together. I want to create more memories and opportunities by having a safe, creative, free space for us to be US! You feel me?

So I’m not gonna spill all the tea but here are some things I have in mind, note that every event isn’t for everybody but know that if you want to join in, you’re more than welcome to..

- A day at a salon or spa (black and/or women owned)
- Picnic at the park (a park with good and/or free parking lol)
- Motivation Monday’s (this could also turn into a pod cast)
- Beach dayyyyy (umbrellas, beach chairs, volleyball, cold drinks)
- Single mama sip & chat support group
- Sip & chat support group for ALL mamas
- Netfilx & chill single ladies night (no man is safe in this room)
- Fitness adventures (runyon, culver city stairs, fitness class)
- Brunch of course, IT’S LA WE LOVE A DAMN BRUNCH
- Body, health, wellness, vagina health
- Pizza, wine, game night and girl talk

I have more and more, stay tuned for the first announcement! Comment below with your email for notifications or to be a part, you know I’m gonna need help, help a sista out. Let’s make some magic

AND MEN DON’T SAY THAT I DON’T CARE ABOUT YALL! I love you guys but I’m taking care of my girls, we’ll figure something out for y’all too *eye roll* just kidding…kinda ;)

disclaimer: discard my typos, it’s almost 2am and I’m not proof reading. Mom, I’m sure you’ll email me a file with all of my corrections lol

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  1. Anonymous4/05/2018

    I would love to attend an event, please keep me updated

  2. I Love this. Keep it up boo❤️ Hopefully I will catch one when I am in the states late this year (fingers crossed)

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