So I literally always say things and end it with "Mom life" so this shirt called my name as \soon as I saw it. "Grae spi...

So I literally always say things and end it with "Mom life" so this shirt called my name as \soon as I saw it. "Grae spit up on my shoulder but I need to do laundry and don't have any other shirts...mom life".  People have been asking for an update with baby Grae and #momlife, ummm this sh*t  is still hard lol. Being a mom is the hardest thing I've ever done but it's also the most beautiful and rewarding feeling in the world. Grae is my entire heart and I just want what's best for her. No tranistion is easy but when you have a good partner and support system it literally is everything. Having someone to watch her while I blog, go grocery shopping, do laundry etc really helps. And no, I don't always have help being that I don't have much family our here but I make it work, and I never thought I would but I love having her with me all day and watching me work (when she's in a good mood lol). She's the best thing that has ever happened to me and she makes me pay attention to my health, my state of mind, happiness, and stopping to smell the roses. She's a blessing :) 

....This entire outfit is so me, I had to have it, everything but the shoes are from Nobody Jones. The jacket is my favorite naturally, it's a great price for the amazing quality, I wish you could feel it through the screen, lol, literally so soft it doesn't feel like carpet like those other cheap jackets. It's the perfect Fall/Winter jacket! These jeans fit me perfectly, I'm wearing a 28, size small jacket (buy a medium if you plan to wear a thick sweater underneath), and a medium top!

Jacket, Top, Jeans from Nobody Jones

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