6 Month's of Grae

Time is flyyyyyying! Man I swear I just brought this tiny baby home and I blink and she's such a big girl now! She's the lov...

Time is flyyyyyying! Man I swear I just brought this tiny baby home and I blink and she's such a big girl now! She's the love of my life, my entire world and she fulfills me like nothing I've ever felt!

Grae update:
My big girl is sitting up on her own, crawling, and even pulling herself up to stand. She's 19lbs of juicyness and love! She is almost sleeping through the night and I'm doing pretty well keeping her on a schedule, we wake up around 8/9am, eat oatmeal, play, nap, eat lunch (1 jar of baby food because ain't nobody got time to make it), sing and play, nap, play, bath, story time, lavender oil and 8/9pm sleeeeeeep. I feel like we both do way better with a schedule and it's really working, I feel less stressed and all over the place and she picked up quickly the pattern. Still no teeth but I feel like they;re gonna poke through any day now. I've found myself liking Huggies little  snugglers now vs Pampers swaddlers that I used since the hospital. I don't watch TV so through out the day I typically play kids songs and nursery rhymes off of Youtube or watch Netflix, she loves when you sing to her. When I need to get stuff done I put her in her pack-n-play with her favorite toys and she entertains herself for about an hour *raises the roof*....& my mom also got her a jumper from Amazon, she won't stay in it as long but it still comes in hand when she needs to be entertained. 

Me update:
Soo I've been working out, I go every other day. I like where my body is now so I've just been toning, you lose a lot of muscle when you're pregnant. Since working out I feel so so so much better inside and out, my stretch marks on my sides are also fading. I did a lot of research on them because the creams they sell are pretty pricey. There are a lot of natural things you can do to get them to fade, I use coconut butter, a cocoa butter stick, and just working out to tighten the skin. I'm starting to love my body again, It took some getting used to, I basically got a new everything. I'm honestly really happy right now, happier than I've been for a while. I'm still going strong breastfeeding, I was taking fenugreek vitamins but you literally have to take the like 6xs per day so it got hard to keep up. Lately I've been eating a fenugreek bar from Mrs. Patel's every morning, they are good and it's way more convenient. No, it doesn't taste like a snickers but it's good!

Grae is getting more independent so I can get more work done without having to stop and go too much. I'm so grateful and blessed than I can stay at home with her all day, sometimes I do need a break but when when I leave her I can't wait to get back. Sometimes when she's sleeping I'm excited for her to wake up so I can see those eyes and smile. Things are honestly really amazing right now and I'm content. Having a baby is such a huge change and no change is easy, stick in there, nothing lasts forever. Things will get better, enjoy every moment mamas <3

I will do a Youtube video of my favorite baby products from 0-6 months soon!!

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