Winter to Summer, mind & body

I was literally wearing a sweater and leather pants 4 days ago and the past two days have felt like summer. No more spring mother ...

I was literally wearing a sweater and leather pants 4 days ago and the past two days have felt like summer. No more spring mother nature? Showing out huh? I guess we got enough rain and it's time to be super warm and sunny. I love Spring /Summer and I'm excited for this transition. It's not just the transition of seasons for me, it's the transition of me, mind, body, and soul. I've been out of the game in a bunch of ways and I'm feeling like I'm jumping back in, I'm transitioning. I'm working out, traveling and designing but now it's more fun and rewarding than ever because I have Grae here watching and learning. 

Dear Mamas,
You are beautiful and I know it's harddddddd! Bouncing back is hard especially when you don't feel motivated. Working out is hard because you damn near lost all of your muscle and you're trying to "snapback" (I hate that term and phrase btw) but go at your own rate. Love your new body, look in the mirror naked and see yourself, look at your babies and see how beautiful they are, you created them and it wasn't easy! It took my 6 months to feel good about myself again, it took me 6 months to really believe people when they said I looked good. It hurts when you don't love yourself, it hurts when you don't feel like you're where you need to be, it sucks when it feels like no one gets it. It can get lonely but I promise you aren't alone, we all feel it. Don't let Instagram and social media make you think that it's easy, it's not. But it will get better, you will get tougher. Most importantly, go at your own pace, yeah at 6 weeks post partum your doctor likely tells you you're good to work out but who the hell feels like it? I sure didn't, I just started working out a month ago, and I'm gradually going harder, I didn't try to go kick my ass the first day and I still haven't. 

I walked past a quote one the sidewalk, it said "Unfukyourself. Be who you were before the stuff happened that dimed your fukin shine" 

Lastly, find something that feeds your soul. Something you love doing, go do it. For me it's going to the beach or park, sometimes it's staying in bed all day. Other days it's getting a close friend to watch G just so I can go have some time to myself. We spend all day holding and nurturing our babies that sometimes we just want to be held, I get it, I totally get it. Don't loose your light. I truly love you all and thank you for your kind words and encouragement! <3

Dress & Bag: She The Collection
Shoes: Eden Sky

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