Nursing + 9 month Update

Nursing Nursing is still going well! Now that G is eating more solids I try to pump a bottle for her to have before she goes to sleep...

Nursing is still going well! Now that G is eating more solids I try to pump a bottle for her to have before she goes to sleep, I usually add about a teaspoon of baby cereal to it to make it last longer. Breastfed babies usually eat every 3-4 hours. I've been getting a lot of questions about drinking while nursing. When I do, I typically drink after she goes down for bed so by the time she wakes up I'm sober and the alcohol is out of my system . I don't pump and dump unless I drink a lot of hard liquor (which is rare, usually red wine). I also still have a couple frozen bottle so if need be, I thaw a bottle for her. Staying hydrated, eating regularly, and staying stress free is a major key when it comes to breastfeeding. Any time any of those are off I notice a significant change. When they get around this age the Boppy nursing pillow becomes more of a pillow for your naps because your baby will be a nursing acrobat. She nursing standing up, playing, watching a movie, upside down, all of the above. Pretty much the only time she nurses lying down is at night.

G at 9 months
Baby G is growing waaaay too fast. I'm so happy when she learns something new but also sad because time is moving faster than ever! She started standing on her own at 8 months, and two weeks later she started taking steps. So far five steps is her max. This past week I started mostly giving her solids breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course she prefers fruits over veggies. Some of her favorites are: grapes, mandarin oranges, peaches, carrots, and sweet potatoes. I'll also give her a piece of my bagel or pizza crust. I recently read that babies can try sometime 10-15 times before they like it so don't feel discouraged! Their portions are also really small, about a tablespoon of sold foods and they're full unless they show signs of wanting more. If I feel like she didn't eat enough I'll give her half a jar of baby food (sometimes adding cereal yo thicken it). She also likes chicken, dark meat is easy because it is softer and I also bought her some organic chicken nuggets that she seems to like. she does a LOT of baby talk so we're hoping to hear some words form soon. Depending on how much she eats before bed she will sleep until anywhere from 1-4am then wake up to nurse and go right back to sleep. I'll post our night time routine soon!

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