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It is 10:59 pm, Thursday, May 25th and I’m feeling extremely overwhelmed. It seems like I just can’t catch a break in so many aspects of my...

It is 10:59 pm, Thursday, May 25th and I’m feeling extremely overwhelmed. It seems like I just can’t catch a break in so many aspects of my life. Motherhood, blogging, running my business, keeping my house together. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Everything always boils down to  me needing help. Be it someone coming to clean and organize my place, help me run my businesses, and/or with Grae. If you’re raising your child(ren) and have the help of family it’s probably a bit harder to relate. It’s just us three out here, not much family or friends. Not to say that I don’t have ANY help, I do. But nothing and no one consistent. Every time I get all of the clothes put up I turn around and I need to do laundry again, every time I clean the dishes, there’s a new pile of dirty ones. G lets me get stuff done but I can’t and won’t just leave her in her area watching a videos and movies all day. Blogging is hard because it’s most convenient to shoot near by but I’ve already shot everywhere near by…two or three times. I feel like I’m neglecting myself more and more and I have to figure out how to make all of this work. I won’t get anywhere constantly putting in a little into so many things when they all need a lot. I don’t feel fulfilled and it really sucks, it takes a toll on me. Running my business I need to me inspired but I’m not motivated. It’s hard to think about new designs when I’m starring at laundry, a dirty floor, emails pilling up, Grae needing attention, and/or the fact that I haven’t eaten or been drinking water.

This is just a small bit of everything that I’m feeling, I just wanted to share it. Social media shows us the fun, glamorous side of it all. Here’s what they don’t tell you, just being 100% honest. I hope I don’t scare you, I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything but it has taught me more than anything that I need help. I’ve never been the type to need or want help. I always even hated group projects in school. I’m sharing this for the mama’s feeling the same way. For the mama’s juggling running a business and raising a child, keeping their house clean and raising a child, even for the mama’s just trying to get back to their old selves. This is for you, this is for us. We can’t do it alone, it truly takes a village, we just have to find ours.

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  1. Hey, my name is Reatna and I am a grad student Studying nutrition in NC. I just wanted to say that I have been following your blog and work and fashion for a long time and I truly am a fan and admirer of your work and your character as a person. Ever since I first found out about your blog/fashion because you were on Seventeen magazine's style council and I was hooked and have been following along ever since! I loved that you were from GA and since I was living in Augusta, GA at the time it brought a sense of familiarity although I don't know you personally. I always have loved your ability to be genuine and yourself at all times though your posts, fashion sense, persona that I found you as such an Inspiration! Although we are pretty similar in age, youre certainly one of my role model! You're the one example I always look to when I consider someone our age going for their dreams! This post really spoke to me because a lot of times we all really get caught up with the glamorous lifestyle everyone portrays that we forget that there is also struggle and hardship alongside that. I admire your ability to give us some real insight into the part no one seems to talk about or mention. Especially because you still seem to maintain such a positive aspect about it though you're overwhelmed! I also have issues with seeking help because I have always been the type of person to do it all myself. But I recognize that it doesn't have to be that way, and that sometimes we are better off when we do learn that we need help and then we seek it. From the outside looking in, I think you're doing a phenomenal job and if I can offer some words of encouragement that sparks a gleam of appreciation for you and your abilities to run a business, be a boss, mother your child, and maintain a home among everything else I'm sure you are doing! I don't even know half of the challenges and struggles and hardships that you go through or even how it feels managing all of that but I do know how it feels to be extremely overwhelmed and seem not to catch a break in life. But what I always seem to notice is that we always power through and make it work in the end. It likely won't get easier for us but we do become more equipped in life and stronger to manage it all. Along with those helping us, of course. I mention all of this to say, keep on keeping on. So many people rooting for you, likely people you don't even know (like myself lol) and directing their positive energy and vibes towards you and your family. So I hope and pray that you find your village to help you out and that you continue on being a phenomenal mom, blogger, businesswoman, home maintainer, and most of all, person. 💕✨

  2. Thank you for sharing the real side! Stay honest, I love reading posts like this.


  3. Madame, although kind of ironic me being a single dad, I can unequivocally relate!! I've three blessings, however working, school, and running my household by myself, it can feel like a never ending tunnel of responsibility. You're not adrift nor alone! They are older and need a ton of positive interaction, However, daddy has to work hard, long hours sometimes. It's a constant juggling performance. I must say that it DOES get easier. Just grind as HARD as you are, and really come together with your mate for the house and your child. Keep shinning, and by all means, eat and drink !! And NEVER be afraid to ask your mate/spouse for more help. Stay strong!

  4. Oh, and enjoy the process ... Don't forget to stop in the chaos, and just be thankful. :)