Go-to pregnant styles

I've been getting a lot of requests to post my favorite and most comfortable pregnant styles because maternity clothes SUCK!...we...

I've been getting a lot of requests to post my favorite and most comfortable pregnant styles because maternity clothes SUCK!...well most of them that are affordable do. I'm talking to the hot mamas out there that don't want to look like a whale or tired soccer mom of 10 (not saying there's anything wrong with being a mom of 10, or a soccer mom, and certainly not tired) buuuut you should dress how you feel. Sometimes when it seems like things suck and/or are changing too fast, the best thing you can do for yourself is put on a good outfit...Scroll on to learn how to style that beautiful bump!

"Sweat pants are all that fits me right now" I've never related to a quote so much lol. I was able to fit into a pair of Zara pants and H&M jeans. The were one size up from my normal size and I particularly like them because both they are supper stretchy.

H&M size 10 stretch jeans.

Zara size 10 stretch cargo pants.

Jumpers & Rompers
Once you start making it towards the end of your pregnancy sometime you just wanna sit with your legs wide open but don't necessarily want to flash the world, I found a handful of amazing jumpers and rompers. I wrote descriptions on where I got each one under each photo!

Size Medium jumper from Ross $10.99

I bought this jumper in EVERY color in the fashion district but they sell them everywhere. This site has them in a bunch of colors....

This is my all time favorite romper before pregnancy, during, and currently. I bought it from Zara about 2 years ago.

Similar (here)

This was what I wore for my baby shower! Literally so cute and comfy. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was that it zipped down the back and at 9 months I needed help zipping it after potty breaks.

Similar here
Similar here
Similar here

Elastic waist shorts
One style I loved were my "mom shorts" I only called them that because my sister had a pair she would literally wear all the time and once I got pregs and got a pair I fell in love with them. They are just an average pair of shorts you can find at Old Navy, Target, Kmart, H&M. Literally anywhere. I always paired it with a fun tee, a fitted top or bodysuit (when I could snap them)

Similar here
Similar (printed) here
Similar (printed) here

T-shirt dresses
Wanna show a little leg? T-shirt dresses are a major key! Last summer I had them made in every color (also from my online shop). They're currently available in black and white but if you email us we can make you a custom color and/or length.  

white t-shirt dress here
black t-shirt dress here

Short flowy dress
Wearing a flowy dress can get tricky with a bump because, again, you aren't really going for the whale trend. I was really happy with these two! 

Dress from Ross $16.99 

Def one of my favorite looks. Dress from my Summer '16 collection

Midi dresses-- fave!
Lastly, my  go-to #1 was midi dresses! I literally could not get enough of them. I had them in every color. The majority of them were from my online shop shethecollection and I will bring them back just for you all very soon (next week sometime)!

Oh, yeah!...
My advice to all mama's out there is not to get discouraged by you changes in your body. I know it's easy said than done but love yourself. Love your body, we create humans! That's wild right? It's no easy thing (or else men would do it) but our bodies have to transform to to this. I'm still learning to love the changes but I started embracing them when I stopped crying about what I couldn't fix and changing what I could. That's all we can do. Love yourself. Get naked and look at yourself in the mirror, you're a product of creating life, love it. Own it. 

We make miracles happen in our bodies, it's exhausting, it's painful..it more than anything it magical, it's godly. God is a woman, a creator...us! 

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