Actually working from home with a baby (1 y/o)

The #1 question I get is "How do you do it?". To be honest I don't know, to be HONEST I don't even feel like I'm ...

The #1 question I get is "How do you do it?". To be honest I don't know, to be HONEST I don't even feel like I'm actually doing it, if that makes sense. At this point it's all I know, 4 days home from the hospital after having G I was in the fashion district buying fabric to fulfill orders. I never took time off because I needed to pay my bills and didn't want to loose business. I  had unrealistic expectations of how it would be once she was born, I thought I'd snap back and be a boss ass b*tch with a baby on my hip, effortlessly doing it all like a damn commercial. HA! Not at all, it honestly felt like a rug was pulled from under my feet lol. I don't want to scare anyone who is pregnant or thinking of having a child, but I will not lie. The first few months I had it get in where I could fit in which usually meant working at night while everyone was getting their sleep, I was up working. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do but it's so empowering and rewarding,  I honestly think it's the biggest test of how strong you truly are. It's just us three out here, very little family and friends, who at the end of the day have their own jobs and lives. I've never had a nanny and G has never been to daycare. I just learned how to bob and weave, maneuver around her and her needs. So how do I make it work? Here's my best advice....

1. Establish a schedule early on
I think the most helpful thing to do (for you and your little) it to set a schedule. This is done easiet  when you aren't traveling a lot, not to say it can't be done if you travel often, it's just harder. We started working with a good schedule around 8 months, your little being able to entertain themself  is MAJOR. Whether it's in a play pin and/or a bouncer it helps tremendously. Things also get easier when they start eating solids and can feed themselves. Don't constantly rock them to sleep either, let them self soothe and learn how to fall asleep on their own, I know they're only little once and you want to cuddle them foreva but trust me, you will be grateful in a few months. Yes it's fine to do every now and then but certainly not every time. 

2. Set up a safe space
Be it a play pin, pack-n-play, or a little baracaded area, having a baby-proofed area for your little one is a major key. I've seen people get creative with these, Vlogger @charmsie blew up a mini pool for her son to play in safely. Her space these days are two couches pushed together in an "L" shape against the wall. All of her toys as well as the TV are over there. You can also buy a camera baby monitor, I don't have one but when we move I will most likely purchase one. We live in a really open loft so it's easy to see and hear everything.

3. Distractions
G started walking at 10 months, by then she could also have her little baby snacks as well. When I put her in her little area I give her snack and turn on a movie or show (her favorite things to watch are anything with animals and music). Where she typically stands to try to see what I'm doing and if she can see me, I put a toy, water in a baby cup, or food that she is good at eating. She has a BUNCH of toys so sometimes when I put her over there I give her a new toy that makes noise, lights, up, and/or can move. Ps-- Toys that aren't actual toys are the best, for example: old remotes, containers, bowls, spoons, cups, things to rip up, get creative!

4. Stay super low-key.
It's best to stay out of sight from your baby, don't let them see or hear you. Try not to make long phone calls or walk by them too much. I't sound crazy but DO NOT make eye contact! Once you lock eyes they will assume that you are coming to play or pick them up. Being that I don't have the camera monitor I have a few spots that I can stand to watch her and not be seen. Stay strong, let them play alone, learn to problem solve, and be independent. 

5. Call help when you need it. 
Knowing what you need to do for the day and a plan to go about it helps you and will keep you sane. Some days that I know I have a lot to do or a lot of places to go, I can call a reliable friend to come sit with G or pick her up while I work. It helps SOOOO much, if you have help take it! Don't feel guilty about it either or you will drive yourself crazy not being able to get anything done. Get help from someone who will actually HELP you and not stop you from working to tell you she has a dirty diaper, someone who will play with her and not just turn on Netfilx and be on their phone the whole time. Basically get someone who know what the hell they are doing and how to take care of a kid.

5. Fun days off
Take days off! Make fun times! Take your little to your favorite place and let them learn to love it. I look G to the beach for the first time at 6 months, she stayed on the towel and chilled the whole time. We've been numerous times since then, don't be scared of the sand getting everywhere. First of all, it will. Secondly, it's fine! dust off when you get back to the car. Third, they WILL eat sand, it's not a huge deal, it's a completely new texture, they won't like the taste and will move on, hell I still get sand in my mouth, never fails lol. Don't like the beach? Go to the park, go over a friend's, or to a nice, clean indoor play place for small kids. Look up activities for small children in your area! A friend of mine took her son to an activity where kids got to crawl around and finger paint in a room covered in paper. I recently was told that the public library has reading days on Wednesdays and Friday's so we will be checking it out! G also loves taking walks. Sometimes I feel bad for being in the house working all day so doing these fun activities are amazing and guilt free. Make sure you read and play learning games every chance you get to balance that TV time. Lastly, PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN! Live in the moment, take pictures on a camera and have them developed, create memories and live in the moment <3

6. Work schedule
It helps to make a schedule for the following day the night before, whether you write it down or save it in your phone, they both help. I typically write it then save it in my phone because it never fails that I loose the paper or don't bring the notebook with me so my entire list is a lost cause. 

When G is whining more than normal I give her lots of cuddles and get her to lie down. If she's super hyper we go for a walk around my apartment building talking and playing with people and pets. When I know she is napping by herself I put a good snack on the couch so when she stands up to see where I am she see's it and goes about her baby business. Keep the remote out of sight and reach because once they turn the movie/show off you have to go fix it and show your face, then they don't want you to leave lol. Don't get upset when/if things don't work right away, it can take kids up to two weeks to grasp a scheduled. Stay strong, I promise it will work! I truly hope this helps, know that everyone, every situation, and every kid is different, find what works for you guys and run with it! Don't take everything too seriously and let it stress you out, do what's best for you and create a way where you can't find one.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! I resonated with this reading in so many ways, being that I am a young mom too! My daughter is now 5 years old and I do everything on my own! Without a doubt, being a mom has made me a stronger woman!!! I post a lot about my experience being a mom and my juggles between the responsibilities of being a parent and a teacher. Please check out my blog at & leave a comment! I'm sure you'll read something that resonates! :)

  2. they bathe now. (PS- my kids color their bath water with these things - the colors don't stain hair, skin or towels!) If not, I turn on the news and bring some toys into the living room. my tlc best buy