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Mood for the year, just do it. I realized that I had been making SO many excuses as to why I couldn’t work out and started ...

Mood for the year, just do it. I realized that I had been making SO many excuses as to why I couldn’t work out and started telling myself “If you wanted to you would”. I can’t go to the gym every morning like I would prefer but I can work out from home interrupted while G naps or after she goes to bed at night so that’s what I’ve been doing! I’ve been getting a good work out in 3-4 times a week for the past two weeks. I’ve made myself more accountable to how I spend my free time. It’s so easy to spend time scrolling various social media apps for hours but it’s way more fulfilling to so something for yourself that will benefit you. I’m more aware than ever of how much time I can naturally spend in my phone. Sometimes if feels good to sit around and just chill and not do anything but more than likely there’s something better that you could be doing with your time. 

I've been cooking more and eating out less. I've never been a bad eater but I started eating cleaner too, breads and sugars are my WEAKNESS especially with the holidays just passing. All that food + all that alcohol = all that belly and cellulite. I almost immediately feel it when I eat bad meals, not to say that I don't have cheat days or that I eat such an amazing diet, but you have to listen to your body when you eat horribly and feel horribly. Feeling sluggish while having to chase a 16 month old around is NOT a good feeling. Your body is like a car, you have to take care of it. Eat better, drink more water, get an exercise in. I'm SURE you have the time, how much time did you spend watching Netflix, or scrolling Instagram /Twitter/Facebook? Invest your time into yourself, it always pays off! 

Eating better doesn't have to be this horrid diet from jump, it can start anywhere from having water with your meals rather than juice or soda. Getting a side salad instead of fries, taking one bun off the burger or sandwich or even getting it lettuce wrapped. Stop buying bad food, stop having it at home. Sure you can crave ice cream but if you don't have it in the freezer taunting you, you won't have it. One thing that made me more conscious was having a spending diary and a food diary, just seeing how much money I spent on food and the things I ate woke me up a bit.

As far as working out, I used to only want to work out in the morning but that's not so easy with Grae now that she's older and way more active. I stopped making excuses about morning workouts and going to the gym as if it's the only way I could work out. I started working out while G naps or after she's down for the night. I go to the gym when I can but the right at home workouts can be just as effective. 

My #1 favorite workout before having G was hiking, I'd hike 2-3xs a week for the workout and the beautiful view. After having her I swore there was no way I could hike with her. It wasn't until I attended a recent mommy meet up hike that I realized that I could totally hike with her. Starting at the bottom of the mountain I was nervous af, I even told a few moms that I knew I wouldn't make it to the top but before I knew it I was up there. I didn't die and it wasn't that hard! Moral of the story, give that old thing you feel like you can't do with your kid a try, you never know!

I hiked with my ErgoBaby 360 Linen carrier, forward facing on the way up and on the back on the way down.

Here are my favorite Youtube workouts:
(I will also upload some of my favorite personal workouts soon)

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