Ladies In The Place-- My first event!

I've been dreaming of having my first event for quite some time now. Living in such a busy city, everyone is always busy. There'...

I've been dreaming of having my first event for quite some time now. Living in such a busy city, everyone is always busy. There's constant conversations of "Let's do brunch sometime! Let's collab! Let's link up!" And not that we're all flaky (though some people are lol), but it's hard to get together with everyone. We're all busy following our different paths in life and let's be honest, sometimes sh*t just happens that causes you to keep delaying plans. The series of events that I'm introducing is focusing on women of color and catered to two main objectives. 

It's super unfortunate and honestly ridiculous that companies have "quotas" and are now trying to seem as if they stand with all colors/shapes/and sizes. Typically in their campaigns and at their events you see tokens. These tokens come in many forms: the one black girl/guy, one plus sized, one Latina, and/or one Asian. And more often than not there aren't even one of each. However what's super common is having a majority white group that is headlined or most focused on. Why? Because that's the image that has always been shown to us. And no shade, I have no problem with white. But Why does white always sell better? Because everyone will still see it and if they're genuinely interested, will still support whatever it is. However, if a person of color is the face of something it's seen as something just for people of color. Aghhh I could go on about this all day....To get to my point my events will be for everyone. There will not be tokens, WE ARE NOT TOKENS! And most importantly we do not need a seat at your table because we have our own and it's lit! We have good vibes, energy, and we don't put raisins in our potato salad 

2) Secondly I just know so many amazing women of so many circumstances and no matter how different we are we still can get together and relate, love, and laugh. I want to have events and parties to just be in a space of beautiful souls and good vibes without the pressure of networking. Good girl friends can be hard to come by in big cities, it feels good to sit and have girl talk with people who relate to you. As a lover of energy and the universe's mysterious ways I feel that I have some what of an obligation to make it a point to bring women together and celebrate us and our magic.

This is the first of MANY events that I have planned. As my first little go around I learned A LOT and thankfully life circumstances have taught me not to sweat the small stuff. A lot of things went wrong yesterday such as: Roman and I miscommunicated G's pick up time, I wasn't able to put up my balloon display, I got to the venue 10 minutes late and STILL had to set up, we ran out of champagne, we had so many attendees that everyone wasn't able to be serviced, and I wasn't able to set up or give out my gift bags. But through all of the things that went wrong they are all nothing compared to everything that went right. It was a beautiful evening and my friends (old and new) who attended had a great time and were able to meet new friends. 

Location black owned Organic Nail/Facial bar Powder Beauty 
452 South La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading! And if you'd like info on future events comment your email below, email, or DM me babes!

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All photography by my dear friend (black girl) Kaye IG | Website

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  1. It's a beautiful place, having such an open and joyous feeling to it. It's totally amazing! This is definitely a wonderful place to spend time. It's plenty fun to sit at event space NYC and enjoy food and drinks with amazing conversations.