Life Update + Photo dump

  Category is book yourself a nights stay at a cute, quiet hotel for a 24 hour vacation. The last getaway I had was a beautiful desert house...

 Category is book yourself a nights stay at a cute, quiet hotel for a 24 hour vacation. The last getaway I had was a beautiful desert house in Joshua Tree, I’m sure you saw the photo spam lol. That trip was amazing, but with such a quick turn around I was low key more exhausted when I got back. Air BnB’s are cool for longer stays but when you wanna kick back and have someone ask if you want a drink vs stopping at the grocery store full of non-social-distancers to get a bottle lol. Yes I would love another over priced drink sir! I’m sitting poolside with press ones from CVS because, well manicures, lol, I am a vibe, and I’m feeling myself! We have to remember to kick our feet back and treat ourselves. 

So life update! Ya girl got an office!! After working at home for 5 years I was finally able to make that move! The space is perfect and will be decided into a photo studio on one side, and a showroom/ecom packaging room in the other! I worked my ass off for this and I’m patting myself on the back okayyy? Paying two rents was humbling as fuck lmao, but I keep with my positive affirmations. Every time I feel myself getting overwhelmed I ground myself again by saying..

“I am right where I need to be, I trust the process”

“I change what I can and at peace with what I can’t”

“You got it girl, you got it” *Chris Brown No guidance voice*

My dating life is damn near non existent, by choice, I just really been into self and doing my own thing. Relationships take time and I just don’t feel like I even wanna be that invested. I’m deeeeeep in my bag. I found myself trying to date and got irritated by small talk, like damn, I gotta get to know somebody to have a boyfriend huh? Lmao. 

I think at this point we’re all a bit stir crazy and I don’t know about you but I feel like people have been triggering the fuck outta me. Being a mom taught me how simple life is to kids and that we should travel lighting in a way they do. In kindergarten when someone gets mad they have the most simple way of communicating when you are offended, apologizing and taking accountability when you are wrong. Often times we even go talk about the situation with someone whom will likely agree with us and never communicate with the actual person who you have the issue with. Also ladies...hold you edges....WHY do we give niggas so many chances but when your homegirl goes something we are ready to cut that bitch off forever? Whew I’m learning and growing too lol. We gotta communicate, I know its hard and uncomfortable, we don’t want to feel vulnerable but how can we move forward in life with the people we love? Friendships are relationships too. 

Grae will be 4 on Monday!!! Ya’ll keep asking how she is, sis is thriving lol. She hates taking pictures unless it’s her idea, the best time to shoot her is right after she gets dressed and looks at herself in the mirror lmao. I’ll never force her into photos just for content, I know crazy ass mom bloggers who force photos and I swore I’d never be one. She asks to got to the beach or pool literally EVERY day but we have made the most out of home time. I think she loves chilling at home just like me, I think it’s the movie projector on the wall and new Barbie House for her tho! She’s supposed to start  school this year n I’m like wait, what??? How do we do that? Dead ass first time mother feels lmao. Corona aside I know she’s ready for school, I’m just so damn attached that I’m like why does she have to spend so much time there? She really HAS to go?? Lol. She’s really the dopest kid, She’s a Virgo, I have a Virgo rising, we both have Taurus moons so I really just feel like I vibe with the kid! Lol, my little broke best friend.  

I feel like I have to address this because a lot of people have been hitting me up about this weight loss. I significantly cut down on my meet intake in March, don’t get me wrong I still eat meet here and there but not often. Also dairy, cut out dair and my back acne cleared up! Dairy also makes my allergies worse because it makes the body more mucus-y (if that’s a word) and ever since I haven’t had sinus infections, and I used to always get them! I drink waaaaaaay less since I’m not going to events and parties drinking socially because I’m socially awkward lol. I smoke a lot of weed, weed is an entire bill but it makes me happy, it relaxed me because we overthink so much shit that doesn’t really matter or we can’t change. I’m a Sativa girl and I ONLY buy weed from Black people, there are way too many brothers doing time for weed when these while people have made it a whole legal business. 

Me and Damage are still talking our shit weekly on out podcast @DualitiesPodcast and I’m working on a streetwear brand with my best friend! Also Grae & Friends will relaunch this Fall, sis is in her bag y’all! Quarantine really just helped be cut out a lot of the bullshit and get my shit together. I made me pour into what grows in every way, business, relationships, mentally, and physically. I feel like I’m just learning, growing and bettering myself, I feel goooooooood. Like, I just bought my Telfar’s too, did y’all order? I got the Pool Blue mini & Large Black bag for daily use. Have we been buying Black and shopping small? I love this energy and support that’s happening, I want it to continue, I want it to grow. There is room for everyone and showing someone else love won’t dim your shine. No one is you and that is your superpower! I love you guys and I hope this made you laugh or smile at some point. 

Hit my up if y’all find typos, I did not proofread this at all lol

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