Hello 26,

  26! What do you get at 26? Kicked off your parent’s health insurance, haha! All jokes aside I’m feeling really amazing. Thankful, grateful...

 26! What do you get at 26? Kicked off your parent’s health insurance, haha!

All jokes aside I’m feeling really amazing. Thankful, grateful, blessed have been the only words that I can express. I really feel good, mentally and physically. I’m reading Thoughts of A Millionaire Mind and it challenged readers not to complain about ANYTHING for the next 7 days. What you water grows, so only water your positive thoughts, the universe gives you more when you are grate and resourceful with everything you currently have. That’s honestly where I’ve been mentally in 2020, I could complain but I won’t. Things are what they are and they could always be worse so be grateful for what is and the present. The present is a present! This week on @dualitiespodcast we talked about positive self talk, we are so nice and encouraging to our loved ones but sometimes we talk to ourselves like sh*t. Be mindful of your thoughts, changing the way you think will literally change your life! It’s the positivity for me!!

If you’ve been following me a while, you know I’m a loner and I throughly enjoy self care in any form. But this was my first time booking a flight and staying alone in a place I’ve never been! Would I do it again? UMM YES I’m HIGHKEY plotting my next getaway already. 

Honestly, Hawaii was everything I wanted for a getaway in the middle of a panoramic. If you don’t have a negative Covid test within 72 hours of traveling to the islands there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine. Now, I don’t know what that 14 day quarantine looks like but I wasn’t trying to find out, I said 4 days not 14...even though that would be amazinggg! They don’t play about Miss Rona, their numbers are super low and they really care about protecting their people, it feels pleasant to be somewhere that they actually care about peoples health and safety, not very United States-like. I wanted to travel somewhere that I would feel safe, a place with low traffic and low numbers. The weather is beautiful 85 and sunny daily, I  found out it’s technically their “rainy season” right now but it only drizzles lightly for a while then the sun comes back out, it only rained one day but it was so peaceful. 

Most of the island attractions are very limited or completely shut down. I mostly wanted to chill on this getaway, there were a couple things I was interested in, they were either fully booked or unavailable. In previous circumstances and vacations that would have bummed me out but my mentality lately has been “Onward we go” no point in being stuck frustrated over things out of your control. If it was for you it would be, keep it moving! Being on a island gives me a different vibe, it allows me to just go with the flow “I’m on island time, no need to rush, allow yourself to BE.” I tweeted last month that I wanted a vacation of booze, bikini’s, and vibes every time someone asked what I wanted to do for my birthday my answer was literally “nothing”. I wanted and needed to just relax, and have time for self. My intuition has been leading me and I’m really just out here trusting it and going where it takes me, it’s never wrong or off! Tap into self, tap in to what you feel, what do you need? How’s your heart? Are you OK?? Sometimes us mamas and/or business owners are run down TA-TAP-TAP IN! Treat yo self.

I stayed at The Modern Honolulu, it was clean and quiet, the staff was friendly. I’m so happy I ended picking this place because the other hotel I almost picked was on Waikiki Beach, which was also cool but it’s more like a South Beach vibe over there. Room service is unavailable but their bar and restaurant are open 11-7 and there’s shops and restaurant in the area. After my first $50 bottle of Prosecco by the pool I happily walked to the corner store for a $15 bottle haha. The Modern was a short walk to a small beach and near a boat harbor. Every morning I walked to the beach for the sunrise and I watched the sunset on the boat harbor, you can also walk out on rocks to get closer to the sunset.

If you’re planning on traveling here are a few pointers:

  • Schedule a COVID test in advance, rapid tests can be hard to come by because Hawaii requires that they are from particular facilities.
  • Schedule your excursion in advance also, I wanted to do a horseback ride and a traditional Luau but they were both sold out. There are typically more of them available but with shut downs many are temporarily closed. 
  • I stayed at The Modern in Honolulu, it was super chill and near a small beach that I walked to every morning. I went over to Waikiki a couple times, it’s a bit more fast pace and touristy over there, more of a South Beach Miami feel. Nice? Yes! But not my vibe. 
  • Look up Black owned businesses! I found @ricksjerk Caribbean cuisine and @localjoehi coffee shop. Try to support any local business, they have been hit really hard during this season and they usually have better prices too! Ask locals what they recommend, Yelp is also a tour guide for me!
  • If you want to explore the island rent a car one or two days to see the city and mountains, most of the scenic places that I wanted to visit required hiking and AHT AHT I’m here for vacation, I didn’t pack any gym shoes, literally just bikinis, sandals, and vibes haha. My friend also recommended island hoping, it’s easy and affordable, book that in advance too!

If you’re wanting a safe getaway by yourself goooooo for it! I do so many things on my own I was really looking forward to this trip, I almost talked myself out of it a few times but I’m so glad I didn’t! I can’t pour from an empty cup and I knew I needed this. This peace, this silence, and serenity for my b-earthday and right before the madness of the holiday season in retail. I’m so grateful and blessed.  I’m manifesting more memories and adventures like these. This is the first vacation I’ve taken since I’ve started my business and since I’ve had Grae, I DESERVE!!! 

Thank you Hawaii, I love the island spirit and energy. You owe me nothing! Mahalo. 

Where shall I go next? Solo travelers let me know!

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