Waikiki Getaway

  My toxic trait is I need a vacation after my vacation! If you’ve been following for a while you know that I took a solo trip to Hawaii bac...

 My toxic trait is I need a vacation after my vacation!

If you’ve been following for a while you know that I took a solo trip to Hawaii back in November for my birthday, it was during COVID so everything was super chill and for the most part still shut down. My girlfriend Trish planned a trip for her birthday last week so I was excited to go back. Last time I stayed in Honolulu, this time we stayed in Waikiki. And like I mentioned before, they are two different vibes. Honolulu crown & energy is more chill, and Waikiki is more on the busy, tourist energy. The city is still enforcing a curfew for midnight every night, most restaurants close sooner. If there’s anything you really want to to BOOK IN ADVANCE, rental cars too!

Trish booked us a beautiful horseback ride on a private ranch and the Chief’s Luau dinner experience. The horseback ride was absolutely beautiful, we had a private ride on the beach near the North shore. Before traveling check the destination of where you’re traveling, getting an Uber there wasn’t hard but we had so wait a really long time to find a driver on the ride back, we almost had to hitch a ride with one of the horse handlers haha. During our ride our amazing instructor told us that we booked the best Luau on the island so we were excited for our dinner. The dinner was completely sold out, I think we booked 2-3 months in advance. It wasn’t a far ride from our hotel but we also learned that the hotel has shuttles to the place as well, if you’re staying in a hotel ask about shuttles! The Luau was amazing and I felt like Moana herself, the food was edible but not great :/ and the “drinks” tasted like juice *bring a flask sis*. But overall it was beautiful, entertaining, fun, and worth the money (Don’t play, get the VIP tickets!)

Just like last time, Hawaii didn’t disappoint. Any to all who ask “Is Hawaii expensive?” Things are about the same prices as LA in my opinion, if you are in a high volume tourist area you will be taxed, airport prices taxed, but if you go where the locals go you’ll get more bang for your buck. Next trip I’d love to explore more of the northern side of the island or possibly island hop, I’ve heard you can fly over to Maui for a quick day trip or island hop your whole stay. I always prefer a local vibe over a touristy experience. Hawaii has my heart, the island and the people, they take care of their people and their island,. I’m trying not to tell myself to move there for a year, we’ll see what happens, I love living by the beach in Cali but the island life has my heart! Let me know if y’all have any questions!

Trish, if you’re reading this I love you dearly! You deserve it allllllll and you will have it all! You have a heart of gold and I’m truly grateful for our friendship and the bond our girls have built. Thank you for booking this trip, we needed it! #askyodaddy Where we going next sis??

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